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Gone Fishin'

Written and illustrated by two of the best Mail Artists (ever), documenting their six months of correspondancing in 250 pages of COLOR!

Special Reserved Edition

Signed by the artists, CT Chew & Ed Higgins III, with a GOLD embossed notary seal from when Ed was a notary in the state of Colorado. These extremely rare, limited editions, can be purchased from Higgins for a hundred bucks.

Write or call:
Gone Fishin'
P.O. box 282,
Elberta, MI, 49628
phone (231)399-0379

These copies sent by, you guessed it, US MAIL. Ed just can't resist a chance to make some more Mail Art, so the box is fair game!

You can get it from the publisher for $60 by clicking this link
(Just a copy of the book)